Debating The Best Way To Eat

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The Man Who Cured Everything

“Macfadden’s ideas had a brief moment of popularity in the 20s and 30s but lost luster around World War II. Around the time penicillin started saving lives, alternative medicine – especially a starvation diet – didn’t seem as appealing a cure.”

The Man Who Cured Everything

Links to an excellent 35min podcast.

Conscious Eating

When we eat consciously we taste more, eat slower chew more and are less hungry hours after we eat.

People that eat the same food consciously as those on a diet not eating consciously lose more weight despite consuming the same calories.

The Cephalic phase of eating is when there is a physiological response before food arrives at the stomach – from sight smell etc.  This is more pronounced in conscious eating.


Eat Better Podcast

I listen to a range of podcasts, usually walking the dogs or in the car (thank goodness for in-car bluetooth connectivity). One of my recent discoveries is the Eat Better Podcast with Dr. Tommy Ragnar and Chloe Archard. I’m up to Episode 4 and thus far, they’ve been packed full of interesting stuff.

Eat Better with Paleo Britain and Dr. Ragnar