Since getting the Garmin Vivosmart HR activity tracker I have added another topic onto my expanding health metrics.

The sleep monitoring feature has become a morning ritual.

Questions have become apparent if it’s to be of benefit:

What constitutes a good nights sleep in relation to levels of light and deep sleep?

What constitutionally, mentally and physically is done (or postulated) during the different phases of sleep.

What promotes good sleep and what are the benefits of a “good night’s sleep”.

What contributed to a bad night’s sleep and what are the negative consequences to this in terms of mental and physical performance.

When do you feel the benefits of a good night – is it all day or only in the evening

Is there a window for good sleep – my sleep tends to get lighter as the night goes on.

Can you wake yourself up again from a drowsy ready for bed state.

Effects of hormones/neuro transmitters specifically cortisol and melatonin.

Relation to sleep quality to exercise and if time of day makes a difference.

Relation to food and sleep – time of eating, what to eat.

How to best monitor if you’ve had a good sleep.

How to recognise how you’re feeling is down to bad sleep.






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